tracy lum

Just a lil' backstory

Hello! I'm Tracy, a full-stack web developer and occasional writer. I enjoy writing Ruby, JavaScript, and object-oriented CSS, but learning new languages is always fun! Before learning how to code at the Flatiron School, I worked at a publishing house and managed the various operations of a website and podcast network.

As far as fun facts go, I like ice cream, coffee, running, Harry Potter, and Downton Abbey. I highly recommend you follow me on Instagram(@tracidini) because I mostly post really great pictures of ice cream.


Some things I've built


Some things I've written


E-mail me at tracy[dot]a[dot]lum[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to get in touch.


I live on the web. You can find me on these platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Medium, GitHub.